I believe gratitude is as perennial as the sun in the sky and water in the ocean. I believe it makes the world go round (like avocados) and is something to be expressed each and every day.

Gratitude is a simplicity that should not be overlooked or taken for granted. We instinctively know we are blessed and live a charmed life, and yet, we often allow some of life’s adversities and challenges to manifest scarcity thinking in our lives.

When we are feeling happy and high on life, we overlook gratitude to some degree, often thinking, ‘this is how life should be.’

In times of despair and sadness, it’s easy to forget what beauty already exists in our lives and how special life truly is.

The past few days for me have seen me feeling a little flat and heavy-hearted, so in times like these, I always like to ‘up the anti’ with my gratitude lists. This is no time to become complacent.

Here are 10 things I am grateful for today:

  1. Health:

    Completing two back-to-back days of nutritional cleansing. Detoxing and ridding my body of nasty chemicals built up over the years, and replacing it with high-quality natural cleansing supplements make my insides feel clean, lean and super healthy. Plus bonus – my hair, skin, nails and confidence levels thank me for it too.

  2. Synchronistic moments:

    Like when my friend messaged me with a cute little quote about lighting candles, drinking green tea and meditation…when I was doing all three things at the time.

  3. Comfort:

    Black Jasmine scented candles, Ben Howard music and big wooly jumpers.

  4. Growth:

    Being consciously aware of my emotional intelligence, acceptance, forgiveness and self-worth blossoming and stretching each and every single day. Having other people notice and comment on this too.

  5. Sweet Potato Fries:

    They take vegetables and chips to a whole other level.Did you know: sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin B6, C and D; are low GI, high in iron, magnesium and potassium. Their natural sugars are slowly released into our bloodstream, which means we avoid blood sugar level spikes, which can lead to weight gain. Did somebody say, ‘delicious and nutritious?!’

  6. Unexpectedly being treated to lunch:

    For no reason, whatsoever. It’s often when we have no expectations that we receive the most.

  7. Pastel pink and gold:

    On my new ring and phone cover. What a beautiful colour combo.

  8. Simplicity:

    Reading (The Alchemist), Writing (blog posts), Watching (the rain), and Listening (to my heart, Ben Howard, City & Colour, Mumford & Sons)

  9. Perspective:

    Hearing other people’s even when it doesn’t coincide with mine; isn’t that what perspective is all about? Honouring and valuing what other people see, think and feel, even when it’s different to our own?

  10. Receiving messages from my clients:

    Receiving inbox love from my clients to let me know how they are progressing, growing and working through fun-work I’ve given them, makes me truly grateful and humbled that I get to call coaching, work.

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What are you grateful for today lovely one?


+Image Courtesy of David Mao


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