Was your week as full and fulfilling as mine last week, Life Designer?

This morning I was reflecting on just how much I feel like I did, got done, achieved, and most importantly, enjoyed last week.

I mention this because of the contrast with recent previous weeks where things felt pretty slow and at times, a little boring – and I know you too have weeks that feel like polar opposites and you wonder what makes them so different, or perhaps, how to recreate the ‘higher’ ones.

In a whirlwind of a week, my past seven days looked a little something like this: coached clients, welcomed new clients on board, wrote blog posts for my website (and you of course); planned future business projects (actually, sitting my ass down, getting the ideas onto paper, then onto colour-coordinated post it notes to keep me organised and on track, then starting the actual creation and writing process); went for three runs in nature, went on a date (always fun), went to a friend’s work dinner to support her and, went to another dinner and made more new friends, meditation (sometimes twice daily), practicing yoga (in the comfort of my home), had a family gathering, planned events…and this was all on top of a part-time job and general life ‘duties’!

It was a week of highs, laughter, gratitude and so much joy that I frequently caught myself walking down the street smiling to myself.

So, what made last week so incredible?

When I though about it, there were a few key ‘elements’, namely three things:

Mindset + New experiences + A grateful heart.

Let’s explore these to help you have an amazing week moving forward too, and continue to do so:

{1} Mindset:

When you wake up each morning, do you affirm, ‘today is going to be a great day full of joy and love and wonderful experiences?’ or, the moment your eyes open in the morning, do you curse the day and think, ‘oh here we go again, another dreaded ‘Monday’?’

The way you think about yourself, your day, your job, your health, your relationships, every encounter and interaction you have with the people in your life – this all creates your reality.

Having a bad day or things not going well? Decide the rest of the day will be great and that things are going to turn around. Change your mindset and watch how your mood, and events in your life change too. I double dare you!

Mindset is a choice. It’s liberating to know you can always change it at any moment too, just like that.

{2} New experiences:

Are you open minded and open hearted when it comes to new experiences and new people, or do you find yourself declining invitations or situations where you think you might feel slightly uncomfortable or ‘challenged’?

Without wanting to ‘toot my own horn’, I pride myself on the fact I am someone who has always (and hopefully, always will be) open to new experiences and meeting new people without judgment or expectations. The more I am, the more incredible people I meet, places I go and more amazing experiences I have.

Take my date for example: I opened myself up to meeting someone new even though I had no idea what was in store or what the night would hold and it was so fun!

Take my friend’s work dinner for example: apart from my friend, I knew no one, yet there I sat at a table of ten other people, most of whom were lawyers and much older than me, not knowing what kind of evening it would be. I welcomed the opportunity though to meet new people who could teach me something about life and vice versa. I had an amazing night!

The next time someone invites you to something, or to try something new, say, ‘YES!’

I believe it is the “YES’s” that lead people to the kind of life they truly want!

{3} A grateful heart:

Ever noticed how the more you express what you are grateful for in your life, the more things present themselves to you to be grateful for? Like attracts like. Good attracts good.

This is no accident. This is all about the Law of Attraction and the vibrations you put out into the world (but more on that another time).

One of the simplest, easiest and most powerful ways to change any given day, or mood, is to literally express what you are grateful for in that day, or perhaps the previous day.

People tend to focus on what’s unimportant and insignificant, how things maybe didn’t turn out as ‘perfectly’ as they had hoped; the bills they had to pay, that pest of a neighbour or noisy construction ‘ruining’ their day….and an endless list of other pretty minor things – yet they cling to these circumstances and allow them to dictate the entire day, and their mood.

My week last week wasn’t devoid of these things. Just like everyone else, I had bills to pay, I had responsibilities I had to look after, I had encounters with people that were challenging, the weather was a bit colder than I typically like…but I consciously chose not to focus on those things.

I chose to see the good in the world. I chose to see the glass as half full. I chose to thank the Universe for all it does for me every single day, without ever asking for anything in return.

I actively wrote gratitude lists throughout the week, and even writing them made me so much more grateful, and then the next moment, I’d find something else divine would present itself to me.

My point is, there’s always going to be things in our life we aren’t as grateful for (although, I believe these teach us valuable lessons too), yet the more you focus on what is good in your day to day life, the more good will come your way.

Gratitude is the new attitude.

// We never know what each week will bring and every single week is going to be different from the last. However, I believe without a shadow of a doubt, when you focus on a having a positive mindset, new experiences and expressing your gratitude, your days, which turn into weeks, years, and a lifetime, will turn into a series of everlasting highs, enjoyment and bliss.

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy.” 

What’s your favourite element that you will focus on this week? Have a tip to add to the list? Let’s hear it Life Designer…


  1. Nicole, I love reading your blogs! Your messages are always timely, concise and a pleasure to read. I am inspired by you to care about myself more and to remember that I can create a better life for myself and others each day. Thanks to your generosity and encouraging words, I have used affirmations and meditation to change the way I experience life and the way I talk to myself and the Universe. My health is great and I got my first freelance job yesterday. Thanks for making my week a better one, just by BEING You! Much success and many Blessings as you Light the path with your presence!

    • Hi Ena,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I’m so glad you love my blogs and are inspired by them.
      I am so proud of you and happy to hear you have been practicing more self-care techniques such as meditation, affirmations and positive thinking to nurture and look after yourself.

      Congrats on your first freelance job and for being in peak health – that’s wonderful! You are manifesting all kinds of divine experiences and opportunities in your life. Enjoy every moment.

      Nicole x

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