7 Things I’m super grateful for: Plus a special bonus for readers!

 ~ It’s not easy being grateful all the time. But it’s when you least feel thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you ~

Whilst there is an abundance of things floating around in my life that I am truly grateful for and love, I have decided to dedicate this piece to 7 things…yep only 7 things out of a very long list.

Why might you be interested to know what I love at the moment?
Well apart from the fact there’s a special bonus for two lucky readers included in this post, it’s because I’m consciously aware of how much we (myself included) take things for granted in our lives so I am hoping this post encourages you to show that extra bit of love and gratitude. I’m not saying we don’t show any appreciation of what we have but do we really realise just how good we have it?

Had a bad day at work? Think about the people in some countries who are fighting for their lives (literally) to get a job, doing anything.

Angry because someone is running late? I really do believe that the old adage ‘better late than never’ is true. Life is busy at the best of times and you never know where someone is coming from or what they may have gone through to get there at all.

Frustrated because your Internet or phone carrier is proving to be a little less than up to standard? Do you know how lucky we are to have the kind of technology we do at our fingertips pretty much 24/7?

Please know that I don’t mean to sound dramatic or all high and mighty, because as I said I include myself in the aforementioned ‘we take things for granted’ statement but I do hope this article makes you take a look at your own life and show that extra bit of gratitude to someone or something where it’s due. I have been making an effort to do this in my own life and it is so emotionally rewarding.

I want to encourage you to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you, the small deeds that often go unnoticed, the people who go the extra mile, the beautiful, shiny things you are often able to buy yourself without giving it a second thought.

Alright, I’m guessing you catch my drift by now so here is my simple but adoring list…

1. Coconut Water

I know, I know – coconut water is by no means a new thing and the benefits have been splashed across newspapers, magazines and other blogs, but I still believe credit should be given where credit is due.
Firstly I need to be clear that when I talk about coconut water, I mean natural, fresh coconut water that has not been modified by any means. Several brands are selling the stuff in bottles and poppers claiming to be ‘natural’ or having ‘no added sugar’ (don’t let that fool you into thinking a product is free from sugar), however, take “Nudie” Coconut water for example. A 350mL bottle has 17.5g of sugar, which is approximately double the amount of the real stuff. I hardly call that ‘natural.’

I find myself excited at the prospect of buying a fresh coconut, asking them to open it in store and then sticking a fluorescent coloured straw in it and slurping away at the water. Not only does it taste delicious, the health benefits are plentiful; coconut water has a thermo genic effect, which means it helps to speed up your metabolism and as a result the more energy you will burn; it also helps to balance gut flora promoting healthy digestive function and boosts the immune system and bonus – it costs less than a cup of coffee!

2. Love

As my friend says, “I just love, love.”
It’s true – I do too. Who doesn’t love, love? Being loved, showing love and letting love fill you up like a big balloon that could burst at any minute.
After being single for two years and being comfortable with that, I simultaneously wanted to meet that someone special because I knew in my heart for the first time that I was ready for a mature, adult relationship.
I knew I would meet someone when the time was right so I focused on improving other areas of my life and being happy with myself was my number one priority.  It’s amazing how when we shift our focus onto other things, the thing that we craved the most finds its way into our life.
A few months ago I started a relationship with a wonderful guy and have since fallen in love. The timing of it couldn’t have been more perfect and I am so grateful that we met when and how we did.

Ah love…I am intoxicated by the stuff. Big fluffy, melt my heart, take my breath away, adoring love.

3. Reading & Writing

I find myself craving reading and writing more lately. Wanting to curl up in a cosy spot with a cup of herbal tea and one of my delicious cacao & coconut balls, to do some journaling to set my goals and intentions for the month/year, working on a new blog post or reading inspiring health and wellness literature that I am in awe of. This seems to be the bee’s knees for me at present.

4. Learning to play the guitar

I have always loved the sound of a guitar, the different sounds it makes, the way it speaks its own language and can instantly lift my mood. I bought my own guitar some time ago and managed to teach myself some basics, however, always wanted some lessons. It just so happens that I now have the best guitar teacher and for free! My boyfriend Ben (the aforementioned wonderful guy) is an amazing guitarist and singer (he studied music at AICM so I would say he’s more than qualified ;)) and is more than happy to teach me. Bonding over making music is a beautiful thing we can do together, it’s creative, passionate and free. How lucky am I?!


5. Spontaneous weekend getaways

How exciting is it to decide to get away for the weekend at the last minute and have a little escape from your usual habitat? Pretty exciting. Home is always going to be there, along with all those loads of washing you need to do so I say get out of town – literally! It doesn’t have to be expensive or anything majorly flash, in fact I’ve found some great deals online through ‘lastminute.com’ or wotif.com’ that are beautiful places and have given me the ‘escape’ I needed.
In the last few weeks I’ve been to the Hunter Valley, the Blue Mountains and am heading up to Brisbane in March.

6. Networking/Meeting new people

I have always loved meeting new people, talking and listening to other people’s life stories, but lately it seems that I keep meeting big, beautiful, inspiring, like minded people – namely women who have given me so much ‘va va voom.’ I don’t think this is any accident either. When we get clear on what we want and put it out there, the universe finds a way to deliver it to us.

7. Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Life and Business Workbook Planners

Note: I am not getting any kind of commission for this ‘plug’ but I had to mention these. This woman is a truly gifted, inspiring and down to earth person who just happens to be super creative and intuitive. I recently purchased both of her 2013 workbook planners (Life and Business edition) for an absolute steal, and they are so wonderfully colourful, full of life and big dream inspiring that I encourage each and everyone of you to have a look into them if you want a bigger, brighter and happier life.

So there you have it. That’s my gratitude list and it’s forever changing and improving.

What is making you feel good? What are you grateful for right now? Are you inspired by someone of something; a place or favourite pastime of yours, or maybe it’s something new you have just discovered. Whatever it is I would LOVE to hear below.

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