When was the last time you did something for the first time?

This past weekend I was invited out to meet up with someone whom I’d never met. We connected online through a private business group we are part of, however, had never spoken or met face-to-face.

We decided to change that.

So come Sunday, we had arranged to meet in Sydney city and peruse the age-old infamous markets in The Rocks in Sydney city and then see where the day took us – and it took us to all kinds of wonderful places.

The funny thing was, there we were connecting and forming a friendship ourselves, and, as fate would have it, we ended up running into a group of people in a similar situation.

From there, we connected with them and welcomed more new and wonderful friendships into our lives.

The only thing that was set in stone for the day was that my friend at I were meeting at a specific location, at a specific time with a rough plan of what to do as a starting point.

When I got home many hours later, sunshine kisses and new friendships in toe, I felt high…on life.

I was intoxicated with the joyfulness of connecting with new people. I felt dizzy from taking in the beauty of the incredible city I am blessed to call home. My brain was wired from inspiring conversations with inspiring people who are committed to actively creating and living their best life.

My heart felt like it was continually expanding, like watching a balloon fill with more and more air ready to burst whilst watching various street performers displaced throughout the city mastering their individual craft – guitar soloists, contortionists, painters, photographers and didgeridoo players – doing what makes them truly happy.

I was doped out on the energy, vibrations and playfulness in the air.

As I sat there sipping my chai tea when I returned home, I got to thinking, and wondering; about how often (or infrequently) we do something for the first time.

So, when was the last time you did something for the first time lovely one?

As a result of accepting an invitation to meet up with someone new, I had such an incredible day full of experiences that I would have otherwise missed out on.

There were no definitive plans, expectations or hesitations, just an open and willing heart and mind to simply have the sheer pleasure of doing something for the first time.

I’ve always believed that life is more fun and exciting when things are spontaneous, impromptu and don’t follow a set structure (I know deep down you do too) – which, is kind of ironic considering I’m a recovering perfectionist.

My creativity, confidence and playfulness were ignited, and I know you want to feel that in your life too – you deserve it; we all do.

So with that said…

Here are 7 ways to supercharge your creativity, confidence and playfulness:

1. Meet up with someone whom you’ve never met.

Who would you like to connect or establish a relationship with? Take the initiative to reach out and suggest something. It may be the start of a beautiful budding friendship, or something else bigger and better than your wildest dreams.

2. Open a map, close your eyes, point to a place and take a day trip there.

Who knows what (or whom) you might discover, experience or revel in. Those who wander are never lost.

3. Forget what you ‘should’ be doing (dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, working that extra hour et al.)

..and live for the moment. Just go for it – whatever ‘it’ is. When you get to the end of your life, you’ll never regret not spending more time cleaning or doing dishes. Truth.

4. Paint outside the lines. Literally.

Book an art class, learn ‘how to…’ anything (cook, paint, write, teach, help, act, make flower arrangements, pole dance).

5. Rise with the sun.

There is something about watching a gorgeous sunrise whilst the rest of the world still remains in its slumber that brings forth the creative, confident and playful spirit in all of us. 

6. Revel in red: red lipstick, red high heels, a really bright red dress, skirt or top.

There’s something about the colour red that unleashes the confident, sexy and sassy woman inside all of us – and when you do that, you just never know what’s possible. When I wear bright red lipstick I feel like a new woman and miss confidence comes out to play!

7. Flirt. Just because.

There’s F-L-I-R-T-I-N-G, and then there’s flirting. You know, those innocent lingering smiles or eye gazes with someone you cross paths with? Or walking past someone in the supermarket and saying, ‘hey, great smile…or shirt..’
Note: Of course if said person is obviously walking beside their partner, move right along and innocently flirt with someone else. Have some fun with this, life is too short to take yourself seriously – besides, no-one else does! 

Let’s face it:
life is waaay more fun when we are experiencing new things, seizing opportunities (or creating them), and bringing out the creative, confident and playful woman in all of us!

P.S. Want to double supercharge your playfulness, creativity and confidence? Head on over here.

Which one are you going to commit to doing this week? Or better yet, have a new one you want to add to the list? Let’s hear it lovely…

 Image courtesy: Jordan McQueen


  1. Ooh, I don’t what to pick… So many great options you’ve suggested here. I think fear keeps us locked up tight in our comfort zone. I’ve noticed that when I step out of that zone I feel invigorated.

    Thank you for your beautiful post,
    Alex x

    • Fear most definitely does keep us locked in a comfort zone and when we push the boundaries and envelope, even a little, wonderful things can happen.
      Thanks for your lovely comment Alex, glad the post has helped you in some way.
      Keep stepping out of your comfort zone lovely one. x

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