About Nicole

Living a life fuelled with purpose and passion, unlimited possibilities and unbridled joy is what I am truly passionate about.

Building a business and becoming my own lady boss is what sets my soul on fire.

You too? Great, you’ve come to the right place.

I believe we are all life designers; it is our responsibility and privilege to create the kind of extraordinary life we dream of, desire and deserve. I believe in challenging the status quo, being daring and disruptive, and defining success on your own terms.

Hello. I’m Nicole Perhne: ex Corporate career climber turned Business & Life strategist | Passionate Writer | Accredited Reiki practitioner |Tea addict | Award-winning dance mover | Poached egg enthusiast.

I’m an ex two-a-day caffeine junkie, boardroom + boredom experienced employee turned dream life designer, written word fanatic and avid devotee to challenging the status quo like a pro. Choice is ace!

I provide business and life strategy advice for corporate women and aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them escape the 9-5 daily grind, leap from the ladder, unleash their passions, hone their purpose and live like a lady boss.

Self Love Confidence Coach


So, how did I end up here?

I’m so glad you asked – it just so happens that’s my favourite question. Let’s take a (short) trip down memory lane – heck, if Barbara Streisand can do it, so can I.

It was a Wednesday.

I remember sitting at my desk on the twenty-sixth floor in my corporate office, dressed in my expensive suit at my ‘cushy,’ ‘high-paying’ sales account management job, staring endlessly at my computer screen.

I started to cry. I was dying on the inside.

That’s when it hit me; I was chasing someone else’s dream instead of creating my own.

I realised I no longer wanted to work in a business and climb the corporate ladder as I had always envisaged; I wanted to BUILD a business and OWN the ladder.

So I got to work.

Fast forward a couple years (but not too quickly please), a coaching certification under my (stylish) belt; Reiki accreditations (Level 1 and 2); public speaking seminars, articles featured on global websites such as MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal and in Inspired Coach magazine, and endless hours of coaching daring and disruptive women around the globe to design their dream life and business, and become their own lady boss, it’s safe (and incredibly liberating) to say, life looks so very different from that woeful Wednesday years ago.


Nowadays? Think: Strategy meets soul | Insight steeped with action | Purpose infused with Passion | Clarity coincides with connection.

I’m truly living my purpose and passion: doing what I love, loving what I do.

I’m soulfully serving go-getters and game-changers, strategizing how-to’s, what-to-do’s, and what-not-to-do’s, and creating mountains of movers and shakers who are honing and owning their passions and purpose through my business and life coaching programs.

That’s where you come in.

I’m here to help you unleash your passions, live your purpose and be deliriously, unapologetically happy. We’re going to shake up your life faster than a bartender serving up drinks during happy hour.

What does that mean for you? Perhaps its:

  • Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur
  • Building a business or doing work you truly love and getting paid generously for it (yes, you can have both)
  • Starting a blog from scratch to create a rewarding and profitable business solely online
  • Mastering your emotions, speaking your truth, and owning your self-worth; no more hiding behind your fears, doubts or ‘comparison-itis’ syndrome
  • Receiving passive income from serving the right tribe so you can focus on the things you actually want to
  • Travelling three or six months of the year, whilst still earning an income, or;
  • Simply never suffering from a case of ‘Monday-itis’ again

Blended with your deep dreams and desires, and whisked with my experience, expertise and insider trade secrets, (like how to cook the perfect poached egg), you’ll be leaping from the (corporate) ladder, living like a lady boss, and receiving life’s richest rewards (both financially and emotionally) faster than you can say, ‘can I have poached eggs with that!



Want to create a blog and turn it into a thriving and profitable business but not quite sure how?

Compelled to start living life a ten-out-of-ten, instead of crawling through the days at a mediocre six or seven?

Dreaming of leaving your day-time job to pursue your creative passions?

Curious to connect with people who are actually your kind of people, want similar things or those who are doing amazing, inspiring things every-single-day? 

You’ve come to the right place!

  • This space is to encourage, empower and celebrate not settling for less than you desire or deserve.
  • It’s a place to dictate the terms of your life instead of being dictated to; living like a lady boss and doing the unthinkable unapologetically.
  • It’s a space for sharing ideas and inspiration; where thinking outside of the box is welcomed, encouraged and celebrated (I’ll bring the champagne, ok?)

We’re going to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, lean into fear, and collectively become a tribe of rule breakers, game changers and trendsetters.

From time to time we’ll need to confront the big questions head on, pull back a layer or two, and shake things up (don’t forget the martini glass, ok?) to keep things fresh.

..and there’s a pretty good chance my witty humour and award-winning dance moves will make their way into things on occasion. Please don’t hold it against me…

…unless by ‘it’, you mean Harvey Specter from ‘Suits’. In that case, hold it against me for as long as possible.

Life Coach Nicole Perhne

Life Coach



You bet your sweet self it is if:

  • You’re sick of building someone else’s dream instead of your own
  • You consider yourself somewhat of a square peg in a round hole and love to challenge the status quo
  • You’re a blog or business builder (or might like to be one day)
  • You’ve had enough of social ‘norms’ and unwarranted expectations
  • The only real passion in your life at the moment might be the flavour of your juice
  • You’re a fan of Suits, Avocados, cheesy humour and living life on your own terms (extra champagne for you)

More than anything, this sacred space is your unlimited permission to shake off society’s expectations, think outside the box, question the questionable, and fearlessly create your dream life; because that’s what us Life Designers do.

‘Mi casa es su casa.’ Translation: My (online) home = your (online) home.


So you think you’ve got me all figured out? Here are 8 (because 10 would be too typical) quirky + fun tidbits about me you probably didn’t know…

1) I’m a Virgo through and through (but don’t hold it against me): analytical, intelligent, thoughtful, ambitious, intuitive and a caring and creative goddess!Basically this means I could invite you over to my humble and beautifully decorated abode, cook you a delectable dinner I’ve made from scratch whilst simultaneously giving you stellar advice on the problem you didn’t need to tell me because my intuition picked up on it. Yep, that’s just how I roll.
2) For a long time I felt like I was broken, needed fixing or rescuing. I then came to realise that was just my negative ego trying to hold my happiness hostage, kind of like this time (click here).
3) I have an innate ability to connect with the unlikeliest of people, become resilient in the most challenging of situations, and land on my feet even when I’ve fallen off the tallest (metaphorical) building.
4) For many years I fell victim to the vicious calorie counting, self-deprivation and self-loathing cycle. These days – I only count my blessings.
5) Live music does something to me l that I can’t describe. It stirs something in my soul and spirit that mesmerizes me in the most blissful and potent way. FYI: If you’re ever out listening to live music and happen to see a girl who’s somewhat ‘stalkerishly’ looking at the singer or guitarist…come say hi! Drinks are on me!
6) Avocados + Mangoes + Prawns: N’uff said!
7) I’m a lover and a hater. I love sunshine, live music and hugs. I hate arrogance, injustice and inequality (oh – and peas).
8) What lights me up? Divine synchronicity + Trusting and acting on my intuition + Personal growth + Deep belly laughs + Seeing women blaze their own trail and create a life they love.

What floats my metaphorical sailboat?

++ Avocados + Mangoes + Prawns: N’uff said! Yep, I said it twice, that’s how much I dig (eat) them!

++ Sunshine + the ocean – Is there anything better than diving into the salty stretch of blue then feeling the sun’s rays beam down on you? Clue: the answer is ‘Umm, heck NO!’

++ Trailblazers – Seeing people take responsibility for their life and become a true master of their own destiny makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s the people who ask themselves the BIG  questions like these that lead and live extraordinary lives, and I find that incredibly inspiring and heartwarming.

++ Clouds – You know the ones that are so puffy and look like 3D cotton wool houses that make you want to set up camp on them forever?

++ Long hugs and deep kisses – Need I say more?

++ The smell of pine trees – they remind me of Christmas. Canada too, even though I’ve never been there.

++ A perfectly poached egg – you know the kind that when you cut into it, the yolk is that perfect bright orange colour, is slightly gooey but doesn’t turn your entire plate orange!

++ A cracker of a thunderstorm + acoustic melodies + herbal tea – I not-so-secretly love a good storm so I can curl up under my doona with a big ol’ cup of tea and can listen to the sweet sounds of my favourite singer ‘friends’ for hours: John Mayer, Ed-the-one-and-only-Sheeran, London Grammar, Dallas Green (City & Colour), Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), John Legend, Ben Howard…you still with me? Ben Harper…

++ Juicy conversations with my soul sisters. The fun starts here. Come join the party…


Nicole Perhne is a Business and Life Strategist for corporate women and aspiring entrepreneurs, passionate Writer and Reiki practitioner. Having successfully transitioned from employee to entrepreneur, she now coaches and champions’ corporate women, who want to escape the traditional 9-5 daily grind to leap from the ladder, unleash their purpose and live their passions.

Her work and insights have been featured on the likes of MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal and in ‘Inspired COACH’ Magazine, to name a few.

She is a deeply passionate advocate for challenging the status quo, being daring and disruptive, and living life on your own terms/defining success on your own terms.

Contact her here.