You want to love yourself like you mean it, release those high expectations, rock your confidence, believe you’re enough – because you are, and give yourself permission to live life on your terms.

Do you often find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of comparison, self-doubt and striving to always be ‘perfect’?

Are you searching for love in all the wrong places, ‘busy-ing’ and pushing yourself to do, have and achieve rather than simply be, enjoy and appreciate?

Do you hold yourself back from connecting with others, pursuing your dreams, and doing what makes you happy because you’re afraid of what others may think and because you think you don’t have what it takes?

Yep, I get-it-girl, and I’m so glad you’re here!

Hi, I’m Nicole Perhne. I’m a life coach, writer, speaker and self-love expert.

self love coach

I work with women to help them find and rock their confidence, develop a loving and compassionate relationship with themselves and truly own their self-worth so they can release their fears, silence their inner critique and create a life they love.

I guide women, like yourself, to switch comparison for compassion, perfectionism for progress, and self-doubt for self-love – sans guilt!

I know that what you most want isn’t the ‘perfect’ body, a high pay check, thousands of social media followers and a man looking after you.

Of course you can have those things, but what you truly desire is how they make you feel:



Growing up I had incredibly low self-confidence, was afraid to be seen for the real me and searched for love and validation through external sources, and as a result, I suffered.

I was seeking all the right things in all the wrong places –

..until one day, I took a painful but necessary look in the mirror and knew that my self-loathing and self-sabotaging ways weren’t serving me or allowing me to live life to the fullest, so I went on a personal journey to discover myself, and in the process, fell in love with myself – and life.

After finding and owning my self-worth, confidence, and learning to love myself more than ever before through practicing various techniques and modalities, I went on to become a Reiki II practitioner, studied health coaching, became a Life Coach through The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, soaked up all the information that I could through books and other resources about self-love and confidence, and most importantly I started implementing and integrating my new learnings into my life every single day.

I am  deeply passionate about supporting other women to do the same so they can create and enjoy a happy, loving, successful, and abundant life – in health, wealth, relationships, and most importantly, within themselves.

These days I see the silver lining in every situation, have a special knack for turning setbacks into solutions, and use positivity as my secret weapon.

I believe in radical self love, saying ‘no’ in order to say ‘YES’ to ourselves, practicing self-compassion, and that confidence is a woman’s most valuable asset.

I also believe that the love you seek is – and always has been – within you.

It’s time to let your light shine and start backing yourself so you can start living as your best Self, attract others towards you, and go after those big dreams of yours. They’ve been tugging at your heart for some time, right?

confidence coach


Mid 1980’s:

+ Born in Sydney, Australia, I entered the world feeling whole, loved and no doubt like I could do anything.


+ In primary school a mother named and shamed me because I told her son I had a crush on him in a love letter. My confidence took a hit – not to mention, I was humiliated.

+ I was scolded and criticised by teachers for ‘talking too much’, ‘sharing my opinion’, and ‘not obeying the rules’ (still don’t to some degree). Confidence plummeted further and self-doubt started creeping in.

+ In social circles and family environments, I often felt isolated, misunderstood and overlooked. Confidence and self-love was practically non-existent.

Early 00’s:

+ Watched from the sidelines as friends had ‘better marks’, ‘hotter guys’, ‘cooler invitations’, ‘more confidence’ and ‘perfect bodies’. Jealously and self-loathing really took off.

+ A boyfriend dumped me for another girl, then I was dumped for a different girl by a different guy. Immense pressure put on myself to be the ‘perfect’ person and act a certain way. Growing pains grew bigger.

+ Was often told I was ‘too much’, ‘too sensitive’, ‘too opinionated’. The result? I didn’t feel I was much of anything and made myself smaller for other people.

2010 & beyond:

+ Choosing progress over perfection, compassion over comparison, and love over fear became a daily practice; self-love and self-confidence became life priorities.

+ Loved myself more than ever before and realised my soul’s work was working with other beautiful souls to help them live their best life too.


Don’t get me wrong – in those earlier years, I still had it pretty good – I lived in a nice house, went to a good school, had good times with friends and family, dated some great guys and experienced and learnt A LOT.

Yet knowing I was constantly seeking happiness and love from external sources– relationships, shopping, food, career-climbing, superficial friendships and relationships and the rest, I realised that no matter what I did, had or acquired, I still felt miserable, misunderstood and not enough.

Over time – and your good ol’ fashioned inner soul searching – I started caring less about what other people thought of me and more about how I felt about myself.

How I felt within myself and about the woman I was becoming, became the most important thing to me.

The more I started peeling back the layers and shifting my focus inwards, the more I stepped into the real me and realised how good it felt to finally get what this ‘self-love’ thing was all about, and most importantly, actually start living and breathing it.


Since then, I became a qualified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Life Coach through The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and an accredited Reiki II Practitioner; presented health seminars to large corporations, climbed the corporate ladder, receiving several promotions, then successfully negotiated my way from full-time to part-time work so I could start my own business and pursue my soul’s work – coaching and supporting incredible women.

confidence coach


I’ve helped dozens of wonderful, capable women, like you, release their inner fears, stop the negative self-talk, self-sabotage, and self-loathing, and start rocking their confidence, owning their worth and listening to their heart instead of their head.

That is what ignites me. This is why I’m here. This is what lead you here.

So where to now? Shimmy on over here to find out how you can claim your confidence and love and accept yourself more than ever before!

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1) I’m a Virgo, an ENFP, a personality-profiling lover, am fascinated learning about masculine and feminine energies, and adore playing with oracle cards.
2) Metaphysics, intuition and seeing women support one another and pursue their dreams lights me up.
3) Confidence, communication, courage and positivity are my secret weapons.
4) I love books, particularly, ‘Dear Lover'(David Deida), ‘White Hot Truth’ (Danielle LaPorte) and ‘The Alchemist’ (Paulo Coelho)
5) My go-to healing remedy for almost-anything, are essential oils, Reiki, the ocean, conversations with my soul sisters and copious cups of tea.
6) I wrote a book for you. Snap it up here.
7) My heart beats blissfully faster when: I’m listening to live music, I dive into the ocean, I step outside of my comfort zone.
8) I like to leave room for some mystery!

self love coach nicole perhne


Nicole Perhne is a Life Coach, writer and speaker. She guides women to switch comparison for compassion, perfection for progress, and self-doubt for self-love – without the guilt.

A huge advocate for prioritising self-love and self-care, she believes that women are truly enough exactly as they are and that confidence is a woman’s most valuable asset.

Nicole is deeply passionate about empowering women to give themselves permission to live life on their own terms, as their beautiful, unique selves.

Her work and expertise has been featured in ‘Inspired COACH’ Magazine, on global websites such as MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, Leaders in heels, Wild Sister and many more.

Contact her here.

Photo credit (1,2,3): Fi Mims Photography