“Get Out Of Your Own Way.”

I was sitting in the audience at an empowering and inspiring event last year when these words rumbled through me like lightening.

The words presented themselves when a girl in the audience posed a question to the panel during the Q&A section of the evening. She spoke about and shared some difficulties and adversities she was facing and was seeking solace and words of wisdom from the ‘awesome foursome’ panel of speakers.

“Get out of your own way” formed part of the brilliant words spoken during the ‘A’ to this girls ‘Q.’ Of course the answer went much deeper than this, but those six words really resonated with me and have stayed with me ever since.

I remember looking around the audience, the women to my immediate left, right, in front of me and a few metres away, all nodding their head in agreement as no doubt they too were having their ‘ah-ha’ moments like I was.

I love moments like those where someone can say something so simple and unassuming – something not even specifically directed at us – yet it can ricochet off the intended receiver and land firmly in our hearts.

I believe those words, ‘get out of your own way’ are the best kept secret to achieving anything you want. They can aid in transforming unwanted feelings and emotions, icky situations or stifling questions we find ourselves mulling over in life.

Contemplate this: think about the last time you found yourself ruminating over a situation, thinking about how to solve a problem, feeling down and out, stuck or frustrated – be it relationship, career, financial, or health related – and consider what turn of events might have happened or what different and positive outcome may have manifested if you were able to consciously decide to just get out of your own way.

Perhaps you know someone who always seems to be their biggest ‘problem’ or own worst enemy, yet they can’t quite see how to turn things around. Maybe they can’t see how to move beyond the drama in their life or transcend negativity.

Perhaps the simplest yet most profound words of wisdom you could offer to them – or yourself if you are the person in question – are, ‘get out of your own way.’

We consciously or unconsciously get so caught up in our thoughts and let them run wild like a herd of horses until a solution seems intangible and feels near impossible.

We often forget that the biggest thing that stands in our way of achieving anything, is ourselves.

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.’ – {Albert Einstein}

Let it be said; if we have the power to create a problem, we possess the power to resolve it too.

I had my own experience with this recently and in this short 4 minute video I share how getting out of your own way really is the secret to achieving anything you want! Watch it below:

Do you need some help getting out of your own way? Head on over here and let me help.


What about you? Has something been holding you back from achieving what you want? Declare and share it in the comments below lovely one.



    • Thanks Rachel. I completely agree, sometimes the best strategies are the simplest one. When we get out of our head and get out of our way, anything is possible!

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