Beautiful you, I’m a Beautiful You Life Coach!

It’s official! I’m a Beautiful You Life Coach and I can’t tell you how GOOD that feels! – Actually, I’ll tell you…

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Six months ago, I listened to my intuition and made the decision to choose love over fear and stepped forward to pursue a life coaching course through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy – and truth be told, the academy, the course and it’s fabulous founder, Julie Parker, all had their name written on my heart.

I knew about the academy for some time, I had heard nothing but wonderful and moving things from friends, fellow coaches who’d done previous intakes of Beautiful You, and there was always a cheeky and cosmic knowing in me that one day, my name was going to be on one of those graduation certificated!
When I stepped forward and enrolled in this life coaching course, I was unaware that I was also signing up for one of the biggest personal development journeys of my life – and WOW, what a wild and wonderful ride it’s been!

It’s hard to actually collect my thoughts and put into words my experience over the past 6 months through doing the course, but I’ll try.

For a long time in my life, especially in my younger years, I never felt truly heard, seen or understood by anyone – family and close friends included – and this caused me so much inner pain and suffering. I felt alone. Lost. Unworthy for so many years.

Over the years, I worked through this deeply and dedicatedly and found my love for mySelf and life – you can read more about that here – and then BYCA came along and it was as though I was putting everything I had learnt about myself – and life – into practice.

I couldn’t hide anymore. There was no way I was going to go unheard (the trainers made me feel like they were listening to me and only me, despite leading a large group of trainees).

My heart was completely held the entire time.

Not only did the Beautiful You life coaching course teach me the life-changing skills of how to become a Life Coach, how to work with clients in a deep and meaningful way, help clients create lasting change in their lives and achieve big and small goals through a series of powerful and intentional action setting, and how to go about building and marketing a coaching business; the course took me on a personal development journey that was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I was studying life coaching, and I was being coached on life.

I was personally and emotionally challenged, put outside my comfort zone in a beautiful way (and was willing to take myself out of it), had fears creep up, worked through them with loads of love, felt them creep up again, more love, love love, and I had never felt more held, heard, supported, loved and believed in.

The entire process made me feel like I was part of something so much bigger than me – which of course I am.

Life coaching changes people’s lives. Full stop.

Life coaching is forward and future looking.

Life coaching can be the difference between someone feeling (and staying) stuck, confused and lost, – to purposeful, passionate, experiencing greater clarity and achieving more than ever before, feeling seen, heard, and validated – sometimes for the first time in their life – becoming empowered, and taking consistent inspired action.

As I sat in the front row at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy inspiration day on November 10th – and my graduation – with tears rolling down my cheeks as we were all celebrated for what we achieved, for what is ahead of us, and for the gift of being able to help others, I was reminded of what is possible in this lifetime when you go after what you want, when you listen to your intuition, when you care less about what other people may think of you, and more about how you feel about yourself and what you kind of life you want to create, and what legacy you want to leave behind.

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I’ve made lifelong friends and business buddies through Beautiful You, achieved many personal goals, and I can’t wait to help so many other women achieve their heart’s desires and goals too!

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My experience with Beautiful You Coaching Academy was one of commitment and connection, passion and purpose, dedicate and drive, grateful tears and triumphs, facing and releasing inner fears and showing up bigger than ever before.

And above all else, listening to and leading with my beautiful heart. Love over fear wins every time. ⠀


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This photo of me and the phenomenal woman and founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Julie Parker, marks a milestone for me; it signifies that I’m officially a graduate and qualified life coach through Beautiful You; it’s a moment captured in time that will always remind me of what’s possible when you listen to your heart, of how pieces of the life puzzle will fall into place when the time is right, and of long-held dreams and desires that are slowly but surely forming and creating magic and a deep knowing that anything really is possible. ⠀
So now the time has come to stop hiding behind my little ego and show up in the world bigger and better than ever before.

I’m ready.
I know enough.
I have done enough.
I am deserving enough.
I AM enough.
And YOU are enough too, beautiful you.

If you’ve felt the pull and have dreams of becoming a Life Coach and want to positively and beautifully impact other people’s lives, including your own, I cannot recommend this life coaching course and academy enough!

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If you’re interested in creating change in your own life and setting some big beautiful goals – and achieving them – this is the best place for you!

Could 6 months change your life? Find out how here.

I am so grateful to Beautiful You for their unwavering love, support, expertise, accountability, and HUGE HEART!


*Photo credit: Fi Mims Photography


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