The Wellness Warrior’s Secrets to (Blogging) Success & B-School

The Wellness Warrior’s Secrets to (Blogging) Success  & B-School

As some of you may already know, I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School, which is proving to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over and above the brilliant overflowing content and guidance, the friendships and connections I have made and continue to make are worth their weight in gold.

For those of you who don’t know, B-school is an online 8-week intensive business/marketing course for females (predominately) who want to shine and thrive in the online world, become their own boss and dominate the world of entrepreneurship in a sexy, sophisticated and sassy way. It aint called ‘Rich, Happy & Hot B-School’ for nothing.

There were so many different affiliates I could have enrolled through all offering their unique package of bonuses, however, after perusing all of them and going with my gut instinct, I decided to sign up through the wonderful Jess Ainscough AKA the Wellness Warrior.

Jess has previously done B-School and one of the bonuses for signing up with her was being able to get on a live call with her where we could chime in and ask her any burning questions we may have about her or her business, being an entrepreneur and wellness warrior, her secrets to success and creating and maintaining a profitable blog.

I took the opportunity to ask several questions as its not every day you have the chance to personally talk to someone as successful (and humble) as Jess, let alone ask how she became so successful.  I found the call so invaluable and took away many beautiful tips and tricks from Jess that I had to share them with you my gorgeous readers.

Jess’s three keys to blog your way to success


Write and write often. In the beginning Jess wrote posts daily which her lifestyle allowed her to do and this helped her build rapport and trust with her audience organically.

Nikki’s hot tip: Although daily posts may not be feasible for everyone, the key here is to be consistent. Create a content schedule so your readers come to know your writing routine. E.g. Monday: Informative article. Wednesday: Food recipe, Friday: Guest Post.


If there’s one thing you want people to do when they visit your site it is to enter their name and email address to build your mailing list. Reason being that these people will become your highly engaged readers who are giving you permission to keep in touch with them about future offers, events, products.

Nikki’s hot tip: Create a compelling Opt-in offer that your reader will receive when they sign up for your newsletter.  Make it something that is aligned to your ideal customers needs.


Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Put a lot of effort into everything you do and treat your writing as though you were being paid for your work from the beginning.

Nikki’s hot tip: Write as though you were talking to a friend, don’t come across salesy, and write as though it’s your full time job.


How to organically build your mailing list:

  1. Provide something of value
  2. Offer something that your ideal customer would really want to get their hands on
  3. Be generous and give it away for free


How to build exposure and credibility:

  1. Again Jess can’t stress the importance of writing often to build credibility, trust and rapport with readers.
  2. Guest Blog. Write for other high profile people who have a large reader base to raise your profile.
  3. Social Media – Get on social media platforms and get active to start engaging people and broaden your network.


Where she finds inspiration and ideas for articles:

  1. She looks at what is going on in her life, any issues that come up for her or pressing thoughts.
  2. Research. Jess looks at hot topics on other people’s blogs and gives her own spin on them from a different or fresh perspective.
  3. Recycling of old posts. She will often go back to old posts and refresh or tweak them to make them more current for new readers as they most likely won’t have seen them.

So there you have it gorgeous. Practical and simple tips from someone who is at the top of their game and thriving in the online world.
I don’t know about you but I’m feeling inspired, enlightened and full of big, bubbling energy. Thank you
B-School and Jess!


What about you, do you have any hot tips to add to this list? Lets inspire others and share them in the comments below.


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