Is the glass half full or half-empty?

Have you ever noticed whenever someone is sublimely happy and joyful, you can’t help but feel happy and joyful too?

Happiness – like illness – can be infectious.

When people walk around with a smile on their face that stretches from ear-to-ear, exude positivity and charisma like it’s nobody’s business and engage with everyone they encounter with the same humility, kindness and cheerfulness, it’s undeniable that they inject some sparkle and extra pizzazz into other people lives – not to mention their own; they’ve got a severe case of ‘glass half-full’ mentality.

Like I said, happiness is infectious – the kind of infection everyone hopes to catch, unlike the common cold.

I have spoken about manifestation before.

I have spoken about the energy and vibrations we put out into the world.

Like attracts like.

If we choose to be optimistic and see things with a ‘glass half full’ mentality, it’s highly likely the glass will continue to fill right up to the brim, so much so that all that juiciness bubbles over the edge and pours onto other people too.

I – for the most part and whenever humanly possible – try to be one of these people.

In fact I’ve been told on occasion, ‘you’re a little too happy for me’ which always causes me to laugh and contemplate: how can you have ‘too much happy?’

I laugh too because I think, ‘I’m not perfect. My life isn’t perfect, but the way I show up in the world is a choice I make; a choice I make every-single-day.

It’s a choice I continue to make even when the odds (life’s challenges, difficulties, hardships and heartaches) are stacked against me.

Cue self-indulgent ‘plug’: I give myself credit for being someone who has – innumerable times – been ‘down in the dumps’, having a really miserable day or have just heard bad news, where sure I can wallow like the best of em’, but almost always I can find a reason to smile and see that glass half full; it sure aint’ easy, but geeze it’s worth it.

I choose to appreciate and revel in every beautiful experience I have.

I choose to explore the silver lining when a cloud looms over me.

I choose to greet each day with gratitude; for my breath, my health, my home – my life.

I choose to greet others with a happy disposition because that’s the energy I want to breath into the world, and know it will swing back around ten fold.

You too, can choose to be positively infectious – every single time, every single minute.

I know people who claim to have a run of ‘bad luck’ and situation after situation seems to slap them down.
Note inverted commas: I don’t believe it is just bad luck – I believe we create our days and our lives.

They have difficult or unpleasant encounters with others that just seem to get worse and worse. They receive an unpleasant or wanted phone call which only causes them to head into a tailspin, then they receive a hefty fine or bill, someone pisses them off at the shops, they miss out on the parking spot, they’re running late for an appointment and on, and on the cycle goes.

They think it’s all happening to them, instead of seeing themselves as the initiator and creator.

They get trapped into thinking life isn’t being kind to them or that they can’t catch a break, which almost acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy then further and further down the rabbit hole they go.

I know – I’ve been there and back. And back again. and again…

Recently, after a couple emotionally challenging weeks, I made the decision to better my life because I was getting sick of it – and myself.

I made simple shifts: I started getting back into running outside in nature, I upped my meditation practice, I connected with new people more, I spent time writing out my top five priorities in life with goals attached to them; I made an effort to be of service to others (more so than usual); I spent less time online comparing my life to others and reminded myself of all the things I have to be grateful for in my own life, I propelled myself into action and so on, but most of all I shifted my attitude and mindset…

..and very, very quickly I saw my experiences and encounters almost do a 360.

Things rapidly improved.

A new surge of positivity and energy flowed through me.

Great things started coming my way. Then more and more, and more.

Funny that, isn’t it?

I share all this with you, sweet Life Designer, because I’ve experienced both sides of the coin. Undoubtedly, I will experience them many more times in this lifetime.

Yet, each time the pendulum swings to and that glass starts to like rather empty, I know I can chose to simply fill it right back up, as can you.

So ask yourself, ‘is your glass half-empty, or half full?’

Now, I want to hear from you: what have you noticed in your life when it comes to the glass half-full vs. glass half-empty’ scenario?
I’d love to hear your stories and experiences in the comments below…

As always, your comments, thoughts and insights are just as much a part of this blog as mine. I’d love to hear your comments.


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