Is this the life you chose?

When I was growing up and we were forced to read books in high school, I felt like it was a chore, and more often than not, rarely read the entire book. I disliked it and found it a bore.

Fast forward to now, and I love reading! In fact, I often find myself walking into a quaint bookstore in my local area and rarely walk out without fresh pages in my hands. Go figure.

I think part of the reason for this shift is that I get to choose what I read instead of being told what I have to read.

Maybe you recognise this in your life when it comes to things you like or dislike, do or don’t do.

Perhaps what you used to hate, you now love or, vice versa.

I believe the key to finding something you enjoy doing – whether it be in your career, your personal relationships, hobbies or passions – is choosing it.


Think about the eager mother who forces her child into dance classes or piano lessons before said child has any say over the matter.

More often than not, that child ends up resenting anything to do with dancing or the piano, not to mention the parent who demanded she love those activities.

Think about the relationship one finds themselves in because everyone else told them it was a ‘good idea’ or ‘made sense.’

Think about the career path one enters into because it seems like a ‘safe bet’, coincides with convenience, or meets the expectations’ of others.

These are recipes for disaster, not to mention ingredients for an unsatisfying life.

I truly believe one of the most powerful things in life – if not the most powerful thing – is choice.

When we choose our words, they have more power.

When we choose what career path or job we want to step into, it becomes a powerful force that can significantly change our lives.

When we choose what relationships and friendships to invest our time into, they become more powerful (and loving).

When we choose what to say ‘yes’ to – and the all-important ‘no’ also – we are in the driver’s seat and our entire life becomes one powerful experience.

A common thread and pattern I notice when working with my clients is that a large percentage of their troubles/challenges/struggles – again, be it their current job, relationship, living situation, friendship or family crisis’s etc – is the result of indecision or a lack of conscious choice.

When there’s a significant lack of choice on their behalf, therefore they feel out of control, unheard, misunderstood, or worse yet, a spectator in their own life, as I’m sure you do too when choices don’t feel like such.

Pause for a moment and think about your current circumstances…

Do any areas of your life feel out of alignment with your core values?

Maybe you’ve been feeling like something ‘just isn’t right’ at your job, or in your relationship.

Could it be that you didn’t consciously choose those circumstances, but rather they chose you?

It all comes down to asking ourselves this:

‘Am I choosing my choices, or are they choosing me?’

Remember, you have the power, always.

Remember you can regain control of your own life, anytime, anywhere.

Remember the decision always begins and ends with you, make it count.

When it comes to choice, where – and when- do you think it matters most? What does choice mean to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear.

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