Life Designer…

Who are YOU?

Who do YOU want to be?

What do YOU want to be doing?

Are you living life how YOU want to live it?

When you were growing up, before the reality of being an adult hit home: before bills had to be paid, before relationships felt like war and peace, before the words ‘carefree’ and ‘innocence’ disappeared as quickly as money earned; before hobbies and passions got kicked to the sidelines in place of work and domestic duties, what did you want to do? Who did you want to become? How did you imagine living your life?

Admittedly, being an adult is overrated sometimes.

Going back to being a kid (if that were an option) and putting our head in the sand seems so tempting, because being a ‘grown up’ is tough work; we’re constantly paying off something or saving for something, relationships seem to get more confusing and complicated as time goes by, and the idea of working in a job we loathe instead of love until we are too old and senile to know the difference, seems impossible.

Whilst being an adult can feel heavy and burdensome sometimes (a lot of the time), it’s also incredibly liberating and I invite you to see it as such.

I encourage you to see it as the huge opportunity and possibility it is.

I urge you to consciously create the kind of life you want.

I implore you to take time to take stock of your life and question if it feels and looks like you imagined it would and more importantly, want it to look like.

Forgive me if I sound like a broken record but these messages are the ones I will keep driving home again and again, until you get it.

You are a Life Designer.

You are here reading this because there is something in you, no matter how big small, that knows you were born for greatness. Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure your life is full of all kinds of wonderful and exciting things, people, places and experiences…but the question is, is that enough? Is that enough for you for a lifetime, or do you want more?

It’s not about being greedy, it’s about


It’s not about being ungrateful, it’s about creating a life and business where every single thing feels like a


We convince ourselves we don’t deserve more, or because we’re unsure how to get it, we settle.

You weren’t put on this earth to settle. You were put on this earth to


When I’m working with clients I look at ways for them to be, create, do, and have more and to step into and harness their strengths. I create action plans, give them the tools and how-to’s to get there. I help shift their mindset and attitude, which is where everything starts.

I remember when I was a child and teenager, I couldn’t wait to ‘grow up’ and be an adult (even though I convinced myself I already was one half the time), because it would mean I would be able to make decisions for myself, not be told what to do or how to live.

Being an adult means:

We are in the driver’s seat.

We get to call the shots.

We get to dictate and define the terms and conditions of our life.

Our life is a landscape; a blank canvas we get to design using whatever dreams, visions and ideas we wish.
We have an infinite supply of colours, materials and tools to create any kind of masterpiece we like.

We get to decide to quit our soul-sucking job to pursue our passions if we want. Don’t believe me? Hopefully this will convince you otherwise.

We get to walk away from relationships and situations that no longer serve us in the pursuit of more meaningful heart and soul connections.

So, what did you think being an adult would look like?

Is your life as you imagined it?

Do you have your dream job or business?

Are your relationships deeply fulfilling and nurturing?

Is your mind, body and beliefs strong and bulletproof?

Do you want to start a blog but you’re afraid what people will think?

Do you fantasise about leaving your corporate job but don’t have a clue what your next step would be?

Are you sick of letting your thoughts rule your life but don’t know how to switch off the mental soundtrack that tells you you aren’t good enough or deserving?

You know what the best part of being a Life Designer is?

YOU get to design your life however-the-heck-you-want-to!

Not sure how you actually want to design it but know you want to paint a new and amazing picture? Step right this way

Now, I’d LOVE you to share with us in the comments what your work of art might look like…e.g. Dream job, relationship, your health, spiritual practice etc.

You are the creator of any kind of masterpiece you want. What might yours look like?…

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