The number one thing missing in our lives.

That’s a big, bold statement right there, I know. We could argue that there are many things missing from our lives, and each of us would no doubt come up with a different and equally true and valid answer.

However, if we take away all the ‘white noise’, all the wants disguised as needs, and really, really allowed ourselves to look at the bigger picture in life, there is one undeniable and simple truth.

If we strip back the layers, tune into our hearts and ask ourselves, ‘what is the number one thing missing (or could be dialed up a notch) in my life that would be incredibly simple to implement, yet simultaneously have a profound impact?’, I wholeheartedly believe the answer is meditation.


is the cornerstone of love.

It is the foundation from which compassion courage and forgiveness are born.

Meditation allows us to connect with our Higher Self and tap into our ‘genius.’ It powerfully and profoundly makes way for fresh perspectives, insights and new ideas to come to light.

When we allocate the time and space for meditation in our lives, we somewhat inconspicuously, yet serendipitously create more space and time in our lives.

Meditation infuses love, light, forgiveness, compassion and strength, and provides the most powerful and transformative healing energy, that can be done anytime, anywhere. I like to think of it as a gift from the Universe.

The scientifically proven benefits of meditating are ten fold, including positive outcomes such as lowering high blood pressure, improving our immune system, increases in energy, improved emotional stability, greater peace of mind and clarity, and on the list goes.


Meditation saved me a few days ago.

My day was tracking along very nicely; it looked a little something like this:

+ A beautiful coaching session with a client
+ A pot of green tea with a girlfriend (plus many refills)
+ A hot sweaty run around my neighbourhood
+ Positive feedback and outcomes regarding some ventures I was working on

All in all, a great day…

Then something set me off. I was triggered. 

I could physically feel negative emotions rising up and expanding in my body like a helium balloon filling with hot air. I felt as though the tiniest pinprick could have made me burst and deflate into a hot mess on the floor.

Frustration. Anger. Sadness. Anxiousness.

The emotions were circling my heart just waiting for the perfect vein to puncture, like a wasp strategically picking the best place to sting its prey.

I wanted to escape my body, detach myself from it like stepping out of an overheated body suit, but in that very moment, I knew the thing I needed the most was to be in my body; to feel it, to breath in and out of it deeply, purposefully, slowly; to nurture and connect with myself.

I needed a healthy way to release what I was feeling.

Meditation is the channel that makes all of that possible.

In this video, you’ll learn:

+ Why meditation is the number one thing missing in our lives
+ How implementing a meditation or peaceful practice into your life can help alleviate stress, transcend negativity and stop self-sabotage
+ How to create a meaningful and lasting relationship with yourself
+ How to tap into your power and truth, and take charge of your emotions
+ How to avoid prolonging suffering and pain
+ How to overcome fear, doubt and overwhelm through the power of presence

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this video and can see how making the commitment to yourself to incorporate some meditation into your life serves you in so many ways.

Perhaps you could set yourself a fun little challenge to wake up ten minutes earlier in the morning, or carve out time just before bed which is time especially for you, to meditate and journal. Your day, or following day will flow so much better, believe me.

// One of my all time favourite songs to meditate to (the song I mentioned in the video), is called ‘Ong Namo’ by Snatam Kaur.

// Deva Premal is also another beautiful artist I love to include in my meditation practice. Some songs include, ‘Aad Guray‘ and ‘Om Namo Bhagavate‘. Her voice is so incredibly soothing, healing and mesmerising.

// Apps I recommend you try to aid in your meditation practice: Calm, Omvana, Take a Break!,

What are your thoughts about meditation? Is meditation a new concept to you or do you currently meditate? I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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