INTERVIEW: Meet Marcus & Michelle Nassner – Reiki Masters

Marcus and Michelle Nassner are qualified Reiki Masters/Teachers, kindred spirits and two of the most down to earth, loving, compassionate and inspiring people I have ever met.

Between them they have over twenty years experience as spiritual practitioners, have studied and practiced Western and Eastern mysticism, anthroposophy (Rudolph Steiner), alternative healing methods, and metaphysics.

Marcus comes from a professional Producer/Engineer background (he plays 11 instruments and produces his own music and Meditations CD’s), and Michelle worked in the corporate sector for many years. Their way of life has been mastering the art of self-healing through Reiki and meditation.

They travel internationally to teach, share information and initiations and offer beautiful experiences and healing all through the palms of their hands.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Marcus and Michelle through my Dad as he met them several years ago through Reiki.

A few weeks ago I spent the entire weekend in a seminar with Marcus, Michelle and about 14 other beautiful souls learning the art of Reiki and doing a lot of healing and meditation.  The energy in the room, and the safe and healing space shared was magical and something I will never forget.

I am so delighted to introduce Marcus and Michelle and share this beautiful piece with all of you.


What is Reiki and how does it work?

 Excerpt from the upcoming book “Reiki Resonance – Heal your Heart” (copyright Marcus Nassner):

The word Reiki can be translated as spiritual energy, universal life energy, Soul Power, Holy Spirit or Divine Intelligence. This quantum sea of light energy is always around us and flows through all living things. This intelligent soul force is also in you.

Reiki is a healing ray that is borne out of the natural source of all creativity; it is spiritual in nature and is an energy of wholeness that cannot be separated. It is like light and sound radiating through a prism and expressing itself as colour and frequency.

The modality Reiki is an original method of hands-on spiritual healing received through a mystical experience and developed by Mikao Usui Sensei in Japan in the early 20th century. Reiki combines the utilisation of the life force that is present in all living things with the warmth and reassurance of human touch. It is, therefore, also a hands-on method that promotes healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, accelerating your ability to heal yourself.

Reiki cannot be directed or manipulated in any way. It guides itself through the divinely intelligent part of our being. Reiki is, therefore, a safe method of spiritual healing and self-development everybody can use.

It is thus a practical method, which means, healing happens through touch, through the laying on of hands. How does it work?

The energy by-passes the symptom and goes to the cause of the problem to allow healing to take place. It fills the vibratory need and amplifies the homeostatic response of the body’s natural healing ability. It restores harmony to the mind and invokes fulfilment of the spirit soul.

Reiki addresses the divine genius in us that knows more about what is necessary for our healing than anybody else. Reiki is a way to self-mastery, and healing is the gift you receive along the way. 

Universal life energy


You were both doing very different work to now. How did you make the shift and get involved in this work?


I was born with an interest in the Spiritual nature of all beings and natural healing.  When I was four years old, I was staring into candles and meditating, which was not heard of in my home or upbringing (46 years ago!).  I had never even heard the word ‘meditation’.  Whilst I pursued a career in the corporate arena (accounting and then corporate sales), my heart and soul were constantly drawn to the ways of Spirit.  By 1990, I was consciously meditating, and I began to study at one of the natural colleges in Sydney to become a naturopath, with the view of a change of career and life.  I always was drawn to working with people.   At the same time, I was experiencing circulation problems and pain in one of my legs, and my ‘psychic teacher’ at that time suggested I have a Reiki with her (she had just done Reiki herself back in 1990 – around the time when Reiki was being introduced in Australia).  I had a spontaneous healing on her massage table, and I decided then and there that attending a Reiki seminar was the next step for me on my Journey.  I was initiated into Reiki in 1991, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I would have to honour my Soul’s calling.  I continued to work, and the more I worked in the corporate arena, the more I also knew that it wasn’t my Truth.  I was burning out because my heart wasn’t in it.  I literally woke up one morning in March of 1996 and resigned from my ‘high-paying secure’ job.  I committed to the path of working with Reiki and whoever is interested in sharing and understanding its essence and its divine healing powers.


My first spiritual experience of a multidimensional reality was at the tender age of 9 years. As a result I began studying Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science (Anthroposophy), Theosophy and eastern/western philosophy for almost 2 decades. I immigrated to Australia from Germany in 1981 and began to work as a professional musician and sound engineer/producer.  A devastating illness struck me in the early nineties. This was to be my catalyst to look for answers beyond the rational mind. A shift in my perception was needed, but I needed a teacher. Esoteric books and philosophy didn’t help me anymore. I met my Reiki teacher in 1993, and I knew that I had to change the course of my life. I was so inspired by my teacher’s work that I instantly knew what I wanted to do, and so, a nine year apprenticeship began with a true master. As a result I was able to heal my life including my physical body. Everything I share is from personal experience.


You speak of the ‘soul spirit,’ the ego and the little ‘I’ a lot.  Could you elaborate on these and what they mean?


We are all very special, and we are all naturally spiritual without exception – it’s just that some people are aware of it and others are not. As a society we have become desensitized. We have forgotten the spark of divinity that dwells within us. The little “i” is our negative ego that is constantly in resistance and causes all the trouble. We all have an ego, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, we need a healthy positive ego to enjoy a solid grounding. Our physical body is a symbol of the ultimate expression of our soul spirit.

The resistance to healing are to be found in Catalysts, Beliefs, Attitudes, Habits, Manipulation, Pay-off and Resistance to change.

Your heart is not just a pump. A human is neither a machine nor a computer. You cannot heal through force. You cannot go to war with cancer. You cannot fight Alzheimer’s dis-ease. You cannot win a fight against you negative ego. It will only become stronger and will continue to produce winners and losers. An operation buys you time. You still have to find the cause to your symptom in order to change.

The magical key to change is participation – to participate in the change that is currently eminent in the world. The question is: “Do you want to take part in your healing and therefore world-healing?” Not everybody wants to heal. It is not a given that someone wants to change for their own benefit and heal. We are all highly co-creative beings, and that is why “your willingness to change” is such an important step. The power to change lies within you.

Participation empowers change. As you change so will your world. Change is a constant in the universe and thus in life.

Many people have mastered resistance to change. They would rather hold on to old patterns like blame and contribute to the psychological pain and suffering of the world. Why? What is their pay off?


What is metaphysics and could you give us an example of it from your real life experiences?


Metaphysics mean ‘beyond the physical’.  As we are beings of Wholeness, that is, spiritual, emotional, mental as well as physical, we look for answers beyond our physicality.  Things don’t ‘just happen to us’ and there are no co-incidences.

If we are experiencing symptoms or catalysts in our life, they are designed for us to change and grow so something greater can be born.  It promotes self-responsibility.

One simple example of how metaphysics applies to a physical symptom is this:

One day, a lady came to us with extreme neck pain, and she could barely move her head.  I asked her “who or what is the pain in your neck?”.  She laughed and said “Oh, that’s my husband!”.  She then said “Hang on a minute, he has a pain in his neck too!”.  I suggested that she go home and ‘talk’ with her husband.  Obviously, they were reflecting something to each other…..they saw the other as their ‘pain in the neck’.

She spoke with him that night, called us the next morning, and said that they were both feeling much better – that they had sat up quite late and really talked for the first time in years!

Communication is the key, and Love is the frequency.  Open your beautiful heart, allow yourself to be vulnerable and really ‘Listen’…others just may listen to you!  The question we often ask is “How frequently do you Love?”.

A couple of simple examples of how metaphysics applies to a catalysts:

–       A parking fine:  Look at the part of you that is “sitting in the same space (metaphorically speaking) too long”.  Time to change.

–       A speeding fine:  Your Higher Self is telling you that it is “time to slow down” and go within.

–       A headache….”what are you banging your head against?”.

Excerpt from the upcoming book “Reiki Resonance – Heal your Heart” (copyright Marcus Nassner):

Mike’s story:

I began practising Reiki as soon as I was initiated into this fine art as a Reiki Channel. We were practising from home, but frequently were called to visit people in hospitals and in their private homes because of their immobility. One day, my wife Michelle and I visited Mike, who is a quadriplegic, living in a modern home with therapists and other friends who had similar physical symptoms. His carer helped him out of the wheelchair and into the hydraulic bed where he was able to receive an hour of Reiki from us. The only information I had about Mike was that he had an accident, and that he liked to work with computer programs.

After the laying on of hands Reiki session, Mike began to talk. He corrected me immediately about the accident. “It wasn’t just one accident” he said, “there were many more in my life.” He told us about eight accidents and described to us in graphic details what actually happened. In his first accident, he crashed his pushbike and got abrasions. The second one was more severe and happened during a skiing trip. With the third, he had broken bones….the fourth was a car accident….and, the fifth accident occurred after he jumped into a lake. The story went on and on and provided a pattern which he was already aware of. I also got the impression from the way he told his story that Mike was a relaxed and wise person.

We then spoke about our Higher Self and the message it wants to convey to us. He had to laugh and said that he didn’t want to hear the message, and he also told us about his rebellious nature at the time.

Metaphysic for accidents: A rebellion against authority.

He said that he felt being punished to be on earth. His life was like a war. He was against everybody and rebelled against everything, including his belief in God. “How can he send me on to this horrible planet?” These were his thoughts at the time. “I was simply against everything and everybody”, he said. “The war wasn’t in a far away country. The war was in my heart.” Then he said something to us, I will never forget. He said: “Look through the illusion of my body and tell me what you see.” I looked through his eyes and felt a profound depth of peace within him. But before I could answer him he said: “I am healed, and peace is now in my heart. I love my life, and I am grateful for my newly found creativity. Please tell all your students that they don’t have to sacrifice their body to achieve this goal”.

Mike became a true teacher to me, and he inspired me to conduct further research into metaphysics.

 Reiki Universal life energy

Describe a day in the life of Marcus and Michelle?


I greet my day with gratitude at 6am with a meditation .  At 6:50am , I get my daughter ready for the school bus pick-up at 7:50am.  I power walk 4 kms until 8:30am, and then go to work at a local clinic 3 days/week (9:30 – 5/6pm).  On other days, I work with clients from home or absentia (Reiki 2).   Naturally, there is always much correspondence and logistics involved – as with most people.   Whilst there is routine and self-discipline, I’m always open to learning something new and exciting from life.   Evenings and weekends…my focus is on the family and sharing time with friends.


My morning meditation also begins with gratitude. “Today is a divine day of miracles. I will rejoice and be grateful.” In the morning hours I am translating my book into English, and preparations for the next Reiki Resonance tour to Europe are of a daily occurrence. In the afternoon, I like to do land care. I love nature and physical work. Then there is always time for music with our daughter and absent healings with clients. There is no typical day in my life anymore. Meditation and life have merged into one. Awareness about the flow of life and deep inner listening to my source is very fulfilling. I love family life and my students also keep me busy and are my inspiration.


What advice would you give people wanting to make a big shift in their life however, are perhaps lacking direction, confidence or assurance? 


Attend one of our seminars and work with Reiki (and us!).

If it feels right, Trust and do it!  It’s our negative thinking and negative self-talk and logical/rational mind that sabotages our heart and what we know is best for us.  It’s better to take a risk and find out whether ‘it is for you or not’ than to live with ‘what if’s’.


What is the one thing you believe people suffer from or lack the most?


Lack of Self-Trust/Self-Esteem and Courage to take the next step in their life…..along with lack of Gratitude and the Willingness to take Responsibility for their thoughts, attitudes & emotions, choices and actions.  We are quick to claim responsibility for a ‘job well done’, but if it’s not a success….it’s everybody else’s fault!


What is your vision for the future?


The future is in the here and now. We create our own reality through actions. Reiki Resonance is a wonderful practice which creates positive changes in our behavior. I see the future in front of me, every time there is a Reiki Resonance seminar. In this space the future has already arrived. It is the group resonance of peace, trust, love, responsibility, power, vulnerability, spiritual intimacy, humility, inspiration, passion and compassion that shows me that humanity is ready for a new world. Our job is to hold and maintain this resonance daily, like a beacon of light. I do not believe in hope for a better future. I believe in correct actions that are borne out of awareness. The loving, peaceful and compassionate future has already arrived. The question is: “do you want to be a part of it?”


Favorite quote, mantra or principle?


1. “I Am That I Am because of the Soul/Spirit that dwells within Me”.

2.  “I want to know the mind of God…the rest are details” (from Albert   Einstein).


The Tibetan Mantra of compassion. The jewel in the lotus.

“Om Mani Peme Hung.” 


How can people learn more about you and upcoming seminars and workshops?

By visiting our website:

Marcus is a published Author in Germany, and he is currently translating his book “Reiki Resonance – Herzgeist” (Heart-Mind) into English.


What about  you sunshine? Do you practice some form of self-healing or meditation, or do you know you could step it up a notch?


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  1. What you have presented here is truly inspirational and provides an important key which unlocks the little ego to the universal love available to the soul. I have been very fortunate to have been given the gift of Reiki and I know from experience that it is both real and that it can truly connect us to our higher self. Well done on a great interview – the compassion, love and service which Michelle and Marcus exercise is indeed a lighthouse for the progress of one’s path and purpose in this life, in this place and in this time.

    • Thank you for your beautiful words and feedback.
      I am so grateful to have met Marcus and Michelle for they have made my life brighter and better (as you do too) and I am so happy the gift of Reiki is in your life and is doing wonderful things for you.
      I feel very humbled to be able to share this interview with everyone.

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