Sunshine for the Soul…and the Ears

Think of all of the things we are bombarded with in our daily lives; advertisements left, right and center, ‘buy this, buy that,’ ‘come to this event, to that event,’ the distorted images the media stuffs down our throat, people talking at us instead of to us, the noise, the pollution, the daily expectations in life…

Sometimes you just need to switch off and practice some good old-fashioned self-love in whatever form that is for you (FYI it is NOT selfish to take time out for yourself).

A while ago I shared a link to song on my facebook business page that is aligned to what my message is all about and a song I happen to love.  As a result, at the time a friend of mine told me how much she loved the song and how much she had been listening to it. Then recently I caught up with this same friend and she told me just how much that song had come to mean in her life and her family’s life. I was so touched that by simply sharing something I love that it resonated with others and has become something very special to them.

I have always been unbelievably passionate about music and the wonders it can do for me (perhaps it’s no accident that I am dating a musician).

Given what I just shared above, I wanted to give you all a good healthy dose of some tunes that truly touch my heart and provide a lot of sunshine to me.

I have created a playlist, which is a collection of some of my personal favourites, some old, some new.

These songs really allow me to get present and go deep. They allow me to switch off from all the external ‘noise’ and listen to my own voice and thoughts, which is incredibly powerful, not to mention important.

I hope one if not all of them resonate with you on some level too. Enjoy!

Nikki’s Sunshine for the Soul – Volume 1

  1. Xavier RuddFollow the Sun (This one’s for you Reb)
  2. Ben HowardOnly Love
  3. Ed SheeranSmall Bump (See below for a little treat)
  4. Jason Mraz93 Million Miles
  5. Jamie Cullum – All I Wanna Do
  6. Jose GonzalezHeartbeats
  7. Gotye Eyes Wide Open
  8. Emma LouiseAtlas Eyes
  9. The XXIslands
  10. The Middle EastBlood
  11. John MayerSlow Dancing in a Burning Room
  12. Bon IverRoslyn
  13. David GrayThis Years Love
  14. Newton FaulknerIf This Is It
  15. Paolo NutiniAutumn Leaves
  16. Kate Miller-HeidkeThe Last Day on Earth
  17. John LegendAnother Again
  18. Boy & BearFall At Your Feet
  19. Jeff BuckleyHallelujah
  20. GeorgeBreathe in Now
  21. Jane Siberry & K.D. LangCalling All Angels

[FYI – This list could have gone on and on but I might have to make this a regular thing- what do you think?]

What are some of your favourite tunes? What brings sunshine to your ears?  I would love you to share them with me in the comments below.


2 Responses to Sunshine for the Soul…and the Ears

  1. Love your music collection Nikki!

    Here’s one of my all time favourites, this one always takes me to a happy place.

    Over the rainbow / what a wonderful world (medley) by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole


    • Thanks Reb, so glad you love my music collection 🙂
      Also thank you for leaving one of your favourites, I just listened to it and it is so beautiful isn’t it. I have heard this version before and it’s wonderful.

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