What Twenty-Twelve Taught Me

Happy New Year sunshine’s! Hopefully you’ve all managed to get a bit of R&R over the Christmas/New Year period and your year is off to a great start; surely it has to be considering the world was supposed to end last year (way ahead of the curve I say).

All jokes aside, I for one am particularly excited about this New Year and all the opportunities possible. When I look back at the previous one I am so amazed at how much my life has changed in the past twelve months that it seems only natural to expect an even better and fuller year in 2013. In fact I think that should be the norm every year; bigger fun and adventures, bigger goals, more abundant love and happiness.

2012 has left me feeling completely an utterly grateful for this wonderful life we get to live for numerous reasons; the goals I achieved, adversities I faced and conquered, the changes I endured personally and professionally, the friendships I lost and gained, loved ones lost and gained and what those experiences taught me, and most of all my newfound zest for life.

Sure there were times last year when I thought I wasn’t having a great one or doubted the path I was on but I also had many glorious moments of unparalleled happiness and I chose to revel in that.

It wasn’t until Christmas time when the gravity of my life-changing year hit me (and let me tell you I don’t just throw that word ‘life-changing’ around willy nilly).  There I was reading my heartfelt Christmas cards from my family where they all wrote similar sentiments of what a wonderful year it had been for me despite some difficulties, how much I had grown personally, how proud of me they were for all I achieved and how happy they are that I found love.
I was so touched by their words and the gorgeous reinforcement that yes – it truly was my best year to date!

For those who know me well it may seem strange to say it was the best year to date given that some extremely painful things happened both emotionally and physically (the loss of a family member and breaking my arm), but I believe everything that happens teaches us something if we are open to learning the lesson.
I learned that the one constant in life is change and sometimes all we can do it roll with is and pray to our lucky stars that we come out on the other side with a smile.

To give you snapshot of the year that was my twenty twelve…

I lost a job, found a new one, enrolled in a course that I am actually passionate about, created a website, a facebook business page, set up other social media outlets as part of the bigger plan, I restored balance in certain friendships, learnt to let go of others and made room for beautiful new ones, had to say goodbye to a family member, broke my arm which left me off work for five weeks just one month after starting it, completed an intense weekend long personal development course where I had several ‘breakthrough moments,’ went to a fantastic marketing workshop, signed up to go skydiving (something that I have always wanted to do), not only forgave but asked to be forgiven,  strengthened numerous relationships and fell in love with a wonderful guy who just happens to be perfect for me.

I detail all of that not to boast or gloat but because if you had asked me at the start of last year if it was going to be the most life-changing year for me I wouldn’t have believed it.

Now that I know just how much is possible in one year I honestly cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me because I know it’s going to be nothing short of incredible.

For the first time in my life I am genuinely excited about the future, excited to see what’s in store not just for me but for those dear to me, have an abundance of ideas twirling around in my head like a ball of fairy floss on a stick, I have so much selfless love filling my heart and a resounding voice telling me ‘yes you can do anything you want to.’

I created this piece based on all that I have learned from my experiences last year to pose a challenge if you will…

How about this year instead of setting the typical new years resolutions like ‘I’m going to lose 5kg’ or ‘I’m going to cut back on alcohol’ (not that there’s anything wrong with those), we set our sights higher, our dreams bigger and our love wider because when you think about it, what have you got to lose other than the possible regret for not trying?

I don’t know about you but I am pumped!


What about you? What are some of your aspirations and ‘big thinking’ ideas for 2013? I’d love to hear below.



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4 Responses to What Twenty-Twelve Taught Me

  1. Lovely post Nikki, for some reason brought tears to my eyes reading it, tears of joy at my happiness for you, tears of sadness for reliving some hard sad moments & just me being a sentimental sap really 😉 but yes what a year for you- & I’m sooo happy to know my Chrissy card was one if the ones that helped you realise just how far you’ve come. Love you little sis xx

  2. What beautiful feedback Lor. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It’s very rewarding to know that this piece evoked such emotion in you (even if you are just a big sook).
    Your support means a lot to me.
    Love you big sis xx

  3. Great to hear about the positive developments in your life this year. Exploring new directions and embracing change is never easy and sounds like despite some significant obstacles you’ve come out on top! My 2012 was similarly positive and I’m in the process of setting my own personal goals and plans for the year ahead. Good luck and hope your 2013 lives up to your expectations! 🙂

    • Thanks Paul, appreciate your comments and support. I’m glad to hear that your year was a positive one too and that you’re setting goals for 2013. I’m sure we’ll both have an even better year than the last one. 🙂

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