Why don’t good things happen to you? Isn’t it about time they did?

You probably wonder why and tell yourself this often, pondering why certain things aren’t entering your life as you hope they would, when you want them too, right?

Speaking of time, I recently posted on a quote on my Instagram account, which says:

‘Good things take time.’

Let’s explore this a topic a little today, shall we?

Admittedly, patience has never been one of my strongest virtues – or at least I don’t think it has.

I’m someone – correction, I used to be someone – who liked to be in control of when things happened, to have a say how they happened, and I didn’t like waiting for them to happen.

Yet, over the years what I’ve learnt – and I’m still learning, of course – is that at the end of the day, in the grand scheme of things, none of us have control over what happens, when, or how – that’s up to the Universe, God, Buddha, or whatever ‘God’ you believe in.

Sure, we can plot and plan, save and spend, give and take, create and develop, learn and adapt (and cross our fingers and toes that the stars align) and these things are in our control, however, when it comes to the resolute certainty of circumstances, how and when they happen? Well, that’s not up to us.

There are bigger things at play than we can probably even comprehend and fathom.

So what do we as human beings do when we don’t get what we want, how we want it, when we want it?

Whether it’s finding out about a job, wanting to have a baby or get married, or find that special someone; whether it’s getting that first giant pay check for all the hard work you do; hearing back from that person with the news you’re ‘just dying’ to find out about, moving house or finding the perfect one to buy, creating that bond with someone or creating a successful business…

We resist.

We throw our hands up in fits of rage, we push and pull, we send ourselves into tizzies and hissy fits, and we curse the universe for being ‘so cruel’ for not giving us what we desperately want and ‘need.’ – I know, I used to come up against all these barriers, and I’m guessing at one point, or many, you have too?

Yet, life becomes so much easier and simpler when we decide to remove those burdens we put on ourselves.

So what’s the remedy, the magic elixir that can help us heed the simple yet undeniable truth that ‘good things take time?’

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not rocket science.

It comes down to patience and acceptance.

If we can practice patience and learn to gracefully accept that there are just certain things in life that are absolutely out of our control, we can move through our lives with a lighter heart, a clearer mind and be oh-so-much-kinder to ourselves, instead of tormenting ourselves with that which we never had any say over to begin with.

When I look at previous situations in my life and reflect on how they happened, or why they didn’t happen, I realise something better or more appropriate was waiting just around the corner for me – in fact I often laugh and smile at The Universe, and mentally say, ‘OK – I see what you did there, you cheeky devil. Thank You!’

Yet – when we plant our feet firmly on the grand and refuse to budge an inch, what’s around the corner waiting for us is out of sight.

This is where trust plays a part in patience and acceptance too.

Trust that whatever isn’t coming into your life (or leaving it) when and how you want – is because there’s something good, something really good, that you just don’t know about yet – and you won’t, until you step around that corner.

So please, remember, good-things-take-time….

..and time is something not even the Dalai Lama can control.

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you believe good things take time, and is this something you struggle with? If so, how…


  1. As always, Nicole- I love reading your heart-centered and yet very grounded posts about life. They always seem to come at the right time and help me focus on what is important. I have been thinking about human Free Will and Divine will lately and it seems to me that the more I move out of my Ego, the less (illusive)Free-Will rules my life- and the more I am in alignment with Divine will. Not always easy to be a Master though, and expanded enough to seek the Highest Good for humanity before my personal good. Thanks for your lovingly shared insights – may they inspire everyone to go the Source within to find all the answers we could possibly need!

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