Do you practice and experience stillness, presence and clarity in your life?

I remember last week, it was one of smile-widening highs and bountiful hugs for my heart. It was also full week – a week of many ‘to-do’s’, ‘must be done’s, and ‘forget me not’s.’

When I think about what stood out above the rest, it was when those three sacred words: Stillness. Presence. Clarity – worked their magic on me; they were my savior amongst life’s overwhelming responsibilities.

They presented themselves a little something like this:


Going to my favourite beach early one morning, diving into the stretch of salty blue, then floating on my back for what felt like an eternity.

All I could hear was the sound of my breath, in and out, in and out. All I could focus on feeling was the way the sun felt on my body, bathing me in its ecstasy.

Stillness, presence and clarity; I receive their collective gifts from the ocean every-single-time.

Mother Earth certainly created a masterpiece when she dreamt up the ocean; it’s become my safe haven and solace amongst the storms of life.


Sitting on my balcony in the calm of the night, totally captivated watching our moon illuminate the sky with her fiery orange presence (no pun intended); I almost heard my jaw drop whilst admiring her beauty and effervescent colours.

Or sitting cross-legged on my yoga mat, hands held in prayer position gently pressed against my sternum, breathing all of life in, then feeling tears well up in my eyes; tears of gratitude and awe at all of life’s gifts.


Tapping my fingers away on my keyboard creating more and more of what I want to share with the world, listening to some of my favourite artists – Bon Iver, Ben Howard and City & Colour – when I found myself conjuring grand plans about how to make my life and business extra juicy; or the realisation of how petty the drone of my ‘dramas’ are, and how to start righting my wrongs or making amends with the people I’ve hurt in my life.

Those moments of clarity felt like strikes of lightening bolts in my heart and mind.

Stillness – Presence – Clarity: incredibly powerful, transformative and liberating.


 Stillness. Presence. Clarity.

These three words have been increasingly important to me lately.

Finding a moment or two in the day to practice total and utter stillness, a brief respite from the noise and chaos surrounding me in the world.

Those valuable times when I catch myself in my thoughts or find myself focusing on what I needs to be done next on my never-ending to-do list.

Or perhaps when I’m spending precious time with my treasured ones and realise I missed their last sentence or two, then course correcting and returning to the present moment by paying close attention to what it is that they are saying, really saying – and making sure there is unequivocal listening being done on my part. That’s pure presence.

All-consuming clarity: you know when something – anything – catches you off guard and delivers a force field of wisdom and knowledge?

I ask again: do you practice and experience stillness, presence and clarity in your life?

If you do, beautiful; now, I want you to dig deeper.

If you aren’t quite there yet or are letting these potent forms of ‘love and devotion’ lie dormant, I encourage you to weave them through your day like a beautiful mama-bear working her magic with a knitting needle and wool, crocheting a colourful scarf for her nearest and dearest.


Life gets crazy busy sometimes (although I try to steer clear from using this term) and hours turn into days, which then turn into weeks, and before you know it, there’s a month gone by with a whole lot of stress, overwhelm and burden stacked upon each other.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I want to instil the notion in each and every one of us that we can, with some intentional mindfulness and choice, create freedom in our lives.

We don’t have to suffer and struggle or fall victim to our overcrowded lifestyles, buzzing blackberries and super-sized bills.

We can learn to master the art of stillness, presence and clarity.

Yes, the ‘busyness’ will continue, phones will keep singing and bills will try to encroach and impinge on your happiness; but discover what stillness, presence and clarity looks and feels like for you and do your dardnest to practice those things every-single-day.

The power as always, lies within you.


Where you can you add a little stillness, presence and clarity into your life? Share with us in the comments below.



    • Thanks for sharing lovely Vanessa. Welcome, I’m so glad you’ve stumbled onto my blog and love it.
      Stillness, presence and clarity are so simple yet so profound and potent.
      Here’s to a rich and fulfilling life. x

    • Hi Chloe, thank you for comment lovely one. It’s wonderful to hear you loved this post, and in particular that sentence (it’s one of my favourites too). Love to you x

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